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Candelas ColoradoDid you know that the new housing developments and construction projects in Candelas Colorado may set off harmful chemicals left behind by the Rocky Flats nuclear plant, and therefore endanger the entire community? Join us in raising awareness about the controversial contamination issues in the Candelas area, and help us protect residents (especially children) from potential hazards. Visit to find out what you can do.  

Candelas Colorado is one of the newest residential areas in Arvada. It is described at the developer’s website as a place with a “magnificent sweep of mountain pastureland”, which should remind you of the old American West. The vast, open landscape features a well-planned community that is almost 1,500 acres big, with plans to build a town center, commercial establishments, and two mixed-use commercial spaces. 
These features of Candelas Colorado make it sound like a dream place to live in. It provides housing options like condominiums, single-family detached homes, luxurious custom homes, and town homes to match every size of family, type of individual, and every budget. However, the developers of Candelas failed to mention about the area’s proximity to Rocky Flats Plant.
Rocky Flats Plant used to be a facility for developing nuclear weapons. It has been shut down and disassembled for around two decades now, but it still raises concern among the citizens of Arvada. Interested homebuyers are not required to know that they are moving into an area that can be potentially contaminated with airborne radioactive dust from the former plant.
Read more about Candelas and Rocky Flats here at Candelas Concerns. This site aims to educate you and potential homebuyers about the history of Rocky Flats and the risks that are associated with living near the former plant. We hope that the information here at Candelas Concerns can help you make an informed decision about buying a home in Candelas.