Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Deciding that it’s time for your kitchen to get a makeover is exciting, and you’ll likely have so many design pegs and plans culled from different magazines and home improvement sites. But before you get down to business, do note that not all dream kitchens are functional and feasible kitchens. Homeowners who got too excited about remodelling their kitchens ended up spending more than what they planned or having a finished space that they have no idea how to use.

The first proper step to planning your kitchen is to decide what you or your entire household really needs and then align these practical elements into designs that work with what your existing area has to offer. To shield you from making the same mistakes that have cost other homeowners so much, here are some of the kitchen renovation errors you should learn from.

Renovation Mistakes That Shouldn’t Happen to Your Kitchen

Here’s what you should NOT do when it’s your turn to design and renovate your kitchen.

Forgetting Your Workflow

Renovating your kitchen should be more about functionality; aesthetics should come second. How the parts make up the whole should align with the way you intend to use it. That said, your workflow is paramount to determining your floor plan. If you do a lot of cooking, you know that your stove, sink, prep counter, and fridge will be the busiest areas in the room. Ensure that they are located close to each other to not feel stressed whenever you prepare food.

Not Protecting Surrounding Spaces

As you start remodelling the area, also note the other rooms in your home that might be affected by the work being done. Protect surrounding spaces from dust, debris, and paint drippings by setting up plastic sheets and other types of protective barriers. Your contractor should supply these, but you can also set this up yourself with simple plastic sheets and poles.

Forgetting Your Budget

Before your start any kitchen remodelling work, you have to set a budget and commit to staying under it. If you’re going the do-it-yourself route, this is especially important as you can tend to go overboard when you see something pretty while you buy supplies or when you make costly mistakes during the remodelling process. When you plan your budget, note that cabinets typically make up around 30% of the total cost.

Choosing Appliances Last

Decide what appliances you want for your space and THEN create a kitchen design around them. It doesn’t matter if you have those appliances now or plan to purchase them in the future. Be sure that you have the space allocated for them to avoid any problems. You don’t want to set up cabinets and then find that you have to tear them all down because your fridge and dishwasher are too big.

Leaving Spaces Underutilized

Optimize usage of your kitchen space by creating opportunities for storage. The space underneath your cabinets could still be utilized as a toe-kick drawer, or the area above the fridge might still be able to fit an extra shelf for your dry items and server ware.

Not Exploring Outside The Box

There are plenty of creative and practical ways to renovate your kitchen by giving existing elements another purpose. Your spice cabinet, for instance, can double as an ingredient or FIFO note board when you stick a dry-erase sheet on the surface. That white space near your stove can also hold recipes or reminders on near-expiry items that should make their way into your cooking first.

Maximizing Space In Your Kitchen

Renovating a kitchen is all about functionality and optimizing space. While it does feel nice to have a really pretty kitchen, all the visual efforts will be for naught if you have a stressful area to utilize. Worse, you have lots of empty spots where storage shelves should have been.

The worst thing about kitchen renovating mistakes is going at it alone and without any professional guidance. While browsing too many magazines might make you feel like an expert at kitchen design, this overconfidence could cost you in the long run.

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