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Having a perfect home is more than just having a beautiful location. It’s also about having an elegant home that fulfills all your style and functionality requirements. This cannot be achieved through the usual cookie-cutter building process that some contractors stick to, but only through a well-designed custom home building process by experienced and dedicated builders in Toronto.

Building a custom home is one of the most significant investments in life, and it should be done right and to your satisfaction. This is what True Houses offers its clients; an exceptional custom home that meets your needs in every way, i.e., functionality, interior design, layout, amenities, style, and luxury.

From initial design plans to construction, True Houses brings your dreams into reality by providing turnkey construction solutions. Contact the best design and build company in Toronto for an impeccable custom home project.

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Unlimited Potential

The best part of building a custom home is the endless possibilities you can explore regarding style, interior and exterior designs, layouts, and amenities. You can choose to live in a traditional, modern, or transitional custom home, and with an expert design-build company, your dream will be achieved.

True Houses has experienced specialists, including designers and architects, with the expertise to help you realize your ideas. Our experts discuss your ideas with you, detailing the benefits and downsides of each idea. This ensures that the final concept for your custom home meets all your requirements, including your set budget. True Houses believes that it's better to take time designing your home than to end up with a bathroom or kitchen layout or finish that doesn't meet your needs. There are unlimited ideas for your home, and we always strive to find the one that suits your dream home in all aspects.

We take every step of your custom home construction with utmost dedication and provide high-quality customer care services throughout the process. Please take advantage of our meticulous craftsmanship by booking a consultation with our project managers today.


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Every Room, An Exceptional Story

Every room in your home satisfies different needs for you and your family, and it features a unique style and amenities to make it fulfill its functions efficiently. True Houses helps you design every room, including your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living room, in a unique way that integrates with your home’s entire style and design. For example, if you prefer an open kitchen concept, your kitchen will have its personality that seamlessly assimilates with your living room.

True Houses provides turnkey solutions for custom home construction services. We design and build every room in your home based on your requirements and preferences and ensure that your home reflects your taste. Contact us today if you're looking to build a custom home that fulfils your needs and brings joy and luxury to you and your family. We'll help you customize every space in your home to meet your dreams.

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On the up and up

Change is constant, and when it comes to custom homes, ideas and styles keep evolving by the day. No one likes to be left behind when it comes to having up to date features in their homes. This is why True Houses stays up-to-date with future trends in the industry, especially long-term innovations that make your home exquisite. This includes trends such as modern kitchen innovations and construction ideas that make your kitchen more than just a cooking space, but one of the most attractive spaces in your home.

By staying updated on current home ideas, True Houses delivers custom homes that meet your long-term needs. We provide you luxury, style, and functionality.


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True Houses understands the ins-and-outs of custom home construction in Toronto. Our team is well-versed with the whole process, starting from the design stages to building your unique custom home. We work with our clients throughout the project to ensures that every detail fulfills your set requirements. This prevents having to make changes to your home after the project is completed.

True Houses is highly experienced and committed to meeting our clients' needs. If you're looking to build a custom traditional, transitional, or modern home, contact us, and we'll be happy to provide our premier construction solutions.

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