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True Houses is a leading custom home construction and renovation company in Burlington. Our services, including home renovation, interior remodelling, commercial renovations, and custom home construction, stand out as the best in the industry due to our meticulousness, expertise, and dedication.

Since our establishment, we have renovated and constructed many commercial and residential properties in Burlington and the surrounding neighbourhood. In every project we undertake, we leave admirable work that meets every specification laid out by the client. This has gained our company a reputable name and an extensive portfolio of exceptional projects.

True Houses’ primary goal is client satisfaction. We understand that every client has different preferences and functionality needs. Therefore, we work with the client from the design stages to the finishing phase, ensuring well-executed and meticulous work. Whether it’s a home addition or a design and build development, our team commits to realizing your dreams.

As a client-oriented company, we recognize issues during construction and help you resolve them. This avoids having to deal with them post-construction, which would cost you more time and money. It also ensures that every detail turns out as expected.

True Houses is a well-established, experienced, committed, and equipped custom home construction and renovation company in Burlington. As a renowned company, we strive to bring your dreams to reality by building luxurious and elegant homes.

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Why Choose Us

Selecting a company to design and build your home can be quite challenging as there are a ton of them in Burlington. No one wants to end up working with a contractor who won't meet their set specifications. Perusing a company's portfolio to see their previous work and conversing with their experts can help you pick the right company for your project. 

So, what makes True Houses an excellent company for you?

We have designed, constructed, and delivered hundreds of developments. This has gained us an extensive understanding of custom home construction and renovation, and a different perspective on customer needs. It has also enabled us to establish an array of connections with various trades, which helps us get high-quality materials and resources for your project.

True Houses offers all-inclusive, fully integrated renovations and custom home construction in Burlington. This means that you don't have to employ several companies for the same renovation as we are equipped to handle everything, from initial design to construction. Where sub-contractors are involved, we take full accountability for their work as we only work with the best in the industry. 

True Houses has highly-trained, experienced, and certified custom home design and build experts in Burlington, including architects, interior designers, engineers, and more. Our team combines their different skills with cutting edge equipment and technology to design, build, and deliver exquisite custom homes in Burlington.

Choosing True Houses as your custom home builder in Burlington means expecting nothing less of exceptional, cost-effective, and luxurious work that meets or exceeds your current and future needs. Contact our team today for superior construction services in Burlington.


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Our Services


True Houses has helped many clients realize their dreams of living in a luxury custom home. We design and build beautiful homes that meet your functionality and lifestyle needs. Whether it’s a traditional, modern, or transitional house, our team strives to ensure that every detail is to your exact requirements. True Houses is committed to delivering exquisite projects through superior craftsmanship and unsurpassed customer service.


When your home starts to lose its elegance and efficiency, performing a well-executed remodel can restore or enhance its style and functionality. Our designers can help you draw up a new design for any space in your home, including the kitchen, bathroom, living area, bedroom, home addition, or your whole interior. We remodel any room to perfectly integrate with the rest of your home and meet your current and future needs. 


True Houses has managed many commercial and residential projects in Burlington. Whether it's a store or multi-floor office, we have the expertise, experience, and connections with top trades to ensure that your project turns out as per your requirements. As General Contractors, we deliver consistent, reliable, and superior services to bring your dream into reality.


Your office or store should emulate your brand, and it should have a high level of efficiency. Without this, your employees won't have the morale to perform, and your clients will have doubts about your products or services. True Houses performs customized commercial renovations in Burlington to create a space that emulates your products and services and boosts your employees' morale, increasing productivity.


True Houses renovates outdated homes to create a luxurious living for our clients. No matter how worn-out your house is, it holds massive potential to be transformed into what you envision it to be. We work with you through the design and construction process, ensuring that every detail is to your specification.


Renovating condos is more complicated than single-family homes, as every condo tower has its rules. This is why utilizing an experienced team is vital. Over the years, we have renovated a ton of condos, and we understand the importance of working within the rules while delivering exceptional renovations. We work with condo owners to develop unique designs that fulfil their desire for luxury living.


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