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Why True Houses?

Why Hire Us To Build Your Custom Home in Kitchener:

  • We have years of experience in the home contractor service. Dozens of delivered luxury custom homes, making our client’s dream houses come true. We work on both small remodelling projects to major development projects all around Kitchener. We have the latest technology and experts ready to take on any project.
  • We offer personalized service. You will be a part of this from the start until the day you get your keys. We believe in your vision and we can make it come true. We want you to be a part of the process. Our highly trained and certified project managers are always ready to discuss any changes you need, ensuring that the outcome meets your expectations.
  • True Houses equals quality, luxury and premium home builder in Kitchener. We provide services from top-tier architects, designers, engineers, and construction experts we are proud to work with. Our team combines their expertise to tailor unique, beautiful, and elegant homes for our customers.

We treat every home as our own. We’re perfectionists, every single detail matters. We work hard on every single project and deliver it on schedule within your budget.

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We make your dream house come true

True Houses is a leader in the design, construction, renovation, and interior and exterior remodelling of luxurious homes in Kitchener. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer experience and high standards. Our signature is to bring your vision into reality from scratch or redesigning your house, to make the place you call home, your dream home.

We have built and transformed exclusive houses for years, in Kitchener and Toronto, among other areas. We put our heart and passion into every project, to make your home the entire neighbourhood’s admiration.


Our guarantee is that every piece of our contracting work exceeds your requirements and remains intact for ages to come. Whether it's one-room remodelling or a full house renovation, we strive to deliver perfect and unique work.

Looking for a custom home builder in Kitchener? Look no further! We have the best experts to build the house of your dreams and the most talented contractors to make your luxury custom home builders a reality.


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Our Services


We provide an extraordinary home building experience. Designing and building a luxury custom home is a big investment. It requires experience and commitment, such as True Houses’. We take pride in developing high-quality and luxury custom homes in Kitchener.


We remodel any room, integrating it with current features, designs and conveniences. Whether it's the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office, or dining room, we select the best materials and finish your interior remodelling to match your standards.


True Houses is the best general contractor in Kitchener. We have the experience, skills, and connections to the best experts in the area to exceed your expectations. We provide quality construction services in Kitchener, on time, at a fair price.


We start with your project and make it come true through our trusted process to remodel your office, store, or other commercial space. Maximize the efficiency of the available space, improve aesthetics, etc. Our meticulous renovating skills will meet your company’s needs.


Make your house beautiful again, from fixing problems to completing major renovations which can make a big difference. We evaluate your property's condition and potential and come up with the best plan to make your existing home into your dream home within your budget.


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