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About Us

True Houses is a go-to home remodeling and renovation company in Toronto. We help homeowners remodel or renovate their home into what they envisioned it to be. We utilize our years of experience, craftsmanship, and professionalism to design and build any space into something exquisite.

When it comes to interior remodeling and renovation, we are the experts. We strive to provide exceptional kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living area renovations and remodels. Whether it's updating your kitchen(renovation) or completely changing your living area's design and layout (remodel), you can count on the best general contractors in Toronto to get the work done.

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How we work

Our Process

At True Houses, we follow easy and straightforward steps to make the process stress-free and straightforward for our clients. Here is what our process entails:
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After you contact True Houses for a home remodel or renovation in Toronto, we set up an initial meeting to review your project and its requirements. During this meeting, we’ll discuss your goals and ideas for the project. We’ll tell you about our process and be frank about time and budget estimates. If we reach an understanding, we start the design process.

Design Development

The design for remodeling or renovating specific areas in your home or the entire residence is based on your vision. Our highly experienced team works with you to develop a unique design that will be the start of bringing your dream house into reality. We discuss moving walls, layout, colors, interior fixtures, and other interior design concepts. We refine the designs to detailed specifications that fully represent your desires.

After we finalize the project’s design, we submit it to our suppliers for material pricing and, if necessary, the city for zoning review.

Presentation Meeting

True Houses meets with you to review the design, timeline, building permit requirements, architectural requirements, budget, and other details outlining the whole-scope of your renovation or remodel. We contact our clients as required to update them on any progress regarding their project, including the acquisition of permits needed to renovate or remodel their homes.

Construction Drawings

Our architects and interior designers prepare the necessary construction drawings depicting the project details and dimensions. A Project Manager is assigned to your home to supervise the renovation or remodel until completion. Preparations for construction, including protecting the landscape surrounding your home and parts of your home not being renovated or remodeled, start. Demolishing also begins.

Final Design Plans

It’s always better to review the design as many times as possible. This allows you to make any adjustments you see fit before construction instead of making them after completion, which will cost you more money and time. This is why before construction begins, you meet with the interior designer and architect to review and finalize the design plans. We want you to be happy with every tiny detail of your new home.

Construction Starts

When you approve the final design plans, and we acquire building permits, construction kicks off. Our construction team, led by the Project Manager, starts to build your dream home. The Project Manager is the main point of contact, and they will keep you updated throughout the construction period. They’ll also handle any questions or concerns you have during construction.

Our Architect and Engineer visit your home during construction to inspect structural integrity and other elements.

We keep your home clean during construction and the noise at a minimum for your neighbors.

Home Completion

Once construction is complete, and all the final touches are done, we walk you through the renovation or remodeling done to your home. If you’re satisfied with our craftsmanship, you sign-off on the project.

Our 10 year comprehensive warranty covers all our work. Therefore, we will always be available to perform any service work you require during the warranty period.



Our Interior Remodeling and Renovation Services


As a place where you refresh and rejuvenate before heading out or relaxing at home, the bathroom should be welcoming in terms of fittings, fixtures, and overall style. If your bathroom is looking out of date, we can perform a few renovations like upgrading your fittings and fixtures or perform a complete remodel to give it a fresh new look. Let True Houses give your bathroom a luxurious look.


If you are looking to revamp your kitchen entirely or perform a few upgrades, True Houses got you covered. We have years of experience upgrading kitchens to accommodate the modern lifestyle. We can help you design a modern kitchen to meet your specific taste, and we will build it for you as specified to the last detail. We create exquisite custom kitchen designs in Toronto and deliver as required.

Whole House Remodeling

If you purchase an old house or condo or currently live in a "tired" home, you can improve comfort and functionality through a complete remodel. True Houses specializes in helping homeowners turn their homes into luxurious spaces. We do this by assisting homeowners in designing their dream homes, which we bring into reality by removing the outdated finishes and fixtures and building a modern, luxurious, and spacious home.

We provide exceptional home renovation and remodel services in Toronto. Our team of experts is committed to ensuring that you achieve your dream of living in a luxurious house. Get in touch today to schedule a meeting with us, and we will give your home a touch of elegance and style.


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