Renovating a Functional Home Office

In this day and age, when people are encouraged to set up workspaces at home, it’s only fitting that you designate an area as your office to achieve a semblance of work-life balance. Now that people are working from home, it can be challenging to separate your personal from your office life, which shouldn’t be the case. That said, establishing a specific work area that is not within the space of your normal day-to-day is essential to your professional performance and sanity.

What are the essential elements of a well-planned home office? It should have these four things:

  • Offers a professional background for video calls and meetings
  • Promotes physical, mental, and overall well-being
  • Provides a space that’s conducive for productivity
  • Promotes work-life balance

Here are some ideas to help you plan for the perfect work-from-home space.

Tips on Renovating a Balanced Home Office

How you design your work area will depend mostly on your house’s current surroundings. Whether you’re occupying and converting a space room or remodelling your existing personal space to have a designated work nook, here are the things you should consider to achieve balance.

Working in a Shared Space

Having a shared home office is not unusual, especially since almost everyone in the household is already probably working or studying from home. While this is inevitable, there are creative and practical ways to make a shared location still conducive for getting stuff done. You can set up cubicle-type partitions or assign specific areas in your home office as exclusive for someone to use. This way, you don’t have to be distracted by what the other person is doing.

Managing Noise

If you have a lot of movement in your household, talk to your remodeler about possibly installing noise-reduction accessories in your home office. Put up a door and walls if there aren’t any. This is particularly important if the nature of the job requires you to keep background noise to a minimum. But if you work in an open area and your job doesn’t really need total silence, then you can get a good set of earphones and set up a barrier that will eliminate visual “noise” to save you from getting distracted.

Setting Up Lighting that Supports Productivity

Natural light is the best during the day, so open up your windows, draw the curtains aside, or have your contractor install suitable types of lighting to create an illusion of daytime. LED bulbs are great options for these. The point is to have ample lighting that will not cause eye strain and headaches, allowing you to get to work without any hitches.

Storage and Organization

For your work-from-home area to be truly functional, you need to have not just a mess-free desk but a clutter-free and organized room. By keeping visible clutter to a minimum, you can focus better on your tasks and, generally, have a lighter mood while working. Organize your documents, books, office supplies, and what-not in drawers and shelves. Ask your remodeler for recommendations on maximizing your area so that you have ample space for work-related stuff.

Renovating a Functional Home Office that Promotes Work-Life Balance

Ensuring that your work stays separate from your personal life is a real challenge when your office is home. But you can definitely get around this and make your space work to your advantage by partnering with the right home renovation provider. True Houses is experienced in creating comfortable shared spaces that help you succeed. Our team will work closely with you to achieve pleasant and functional spaces for work and play.

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