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Six Ideas to Improve Form and Function of Your New Custom Home

Building a home is on almost everyone’s checklist. It is one of the most fun daydreams of all the projects a person can imagine customizing. Some people go beyond just dreams to ideas and inspiration boards. People looking for sharing and swapping these ideas and to find out practicality along with pros and cons of each customization can avail themselves to many online forums like Houzz, which allows people to get customization ideas, experience details, and find professionals to help you out.

From scrolling on these forums, these 6 design ideas seem to be of interest to many and are minor changes that bring a sense of customization and beauty to the place.


Free Space under the Stairs

When making stairs planning is integral or else there is a lot of wasted space under the stairs. Having given it a thought to its use helps create a variety of different ideas depending on your utilization. It can be readily used as a storage room, coat closet, lounging area with a reading nook, or hanging your artwork. It can even be used as a small playroom/nursery for kids or workspace. Scrolling around the internet for different ideas can open up your creative thought to even further various uses of that space.

Multi-Functional Mudroom

Everyone loves a clean and tidy house but with multiple members, it seems a 24-hour job to keep the house look pristine at all times. This is where mudrooms keep handy keeping cleaner out front and organized back at the mudroom. It creates storage spaces for any and everything, coats, laundry, shoes, cleaning supplies.

Another idea that people tend to appreciate on the internet is a spare bathtub and shower outside your mudroom to wash off shoes, kids, or even your mud riddles animals. Just keep a closet of clean clothes and a dirty laundry hamper nearby.

Walk-in Rooms

One thing that looks cool is pocket doors. Imagine a beautiful door that just slides into the wall and opens up a beautiful space. The walk-in rooms can not only provide you with extra space but add a sense of elegance to your house. Walk-in rooms make up for sleek office spaces like this McCandlish Design or sophisticated closet spaces like these from California Closets customized according to clientele needs to name a few different uses. Maybe you desire a reading nook hidden from all or a parlor room, a walk-in room can be the answer to your customization question to look elegant and unique at the same time.


Outlets, Lighting, Electricity

Electrical outlets are one thing that we never seem to have enough of. When building homes, it seems intelligent to create a plan of which room would require which kind and how many outlets. To save the trouble of looking at muddled messy wiring everywhere it is intelligent to install certain kinds of outlets like charging stations, cable, or telephone outlets. It saves from the ugly visuals of dangling wires from every socket. A wise monetary choice is to remember surge protectors to save from destroyed outlets and wires in case of electric disturbances.

Another intelligent thing to do is remember electric prices and invest in dimmers and timers for your appliances especially fans and outdoor lights. No one wants to pay up extraordinary because someone is an overboard holiday decorator. It also helps if your work hours do not match with the sun hours, timing the lights to turn on would give your place an inhabited feel and look. With electric cars becoming common there are options of putting up a charging station in your garage. GE Watt station is a suggestion for those who want or have electric cars.

On these forums and numerous places online people also recommend ceiling or wall mounted lights (recessed lights) especially in kitchens and living rooms and lights above beds.

 Sound Control

Sound control is something people usually do not put much thought into when building homes. The advantage of controlling sound makes for a more productive home office space and fewer noise complaints from neighbors depending on the need to control sound.

Home Security

Security is one of the basic needs of a human. It should be very important to plan about your security according to your homes. The options vary from standard basic front door locks to a complete security system for the entire home depending on your spending power and general security of your area. For people who want them, there are options of a fully “automated home”. Similarly for other technologies in home security like keyless entry, Schlage is a source where one can look.

So, search and share all these and more if you have any better ideas with your fellow home builders.

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